Pen plotter / Scribe / vinyl cutter?

Heres is a pen plotter and scribe and vinyl cutter. That a friend of mine 3D prints and

makes and sells. He makes them for machine torches and hand torches… You can contact him at with any questions … His name is Tom Verity…


ok…I gotta say it…

your friend is joking right?

I mean his email says it…hard to take someone serious with an email like that…

just kidding…lol…

they look cool.

I have one of these on the way… Got the machine torch mount variety… Can’t wait to start playing… Daughter’s boyfriend likes to do wood burning… I have a feeling these two will play nicely together…also, perfect outlines for painted signs/etc… Should be here Saturday…

Anybody using one have any tips for me?? Thanks!!

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I dont have one but glad you posted as it brought the thread to my attention. Still waiting on my table but thinking maybe a marking pen might be a great idea as I am a beginner. Hoping someone that has one might chime in or have a link to a video. Could you give an idea of the cost?

@MartyY Not sure if this will work but, give this a try… You may have to be a member

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That looks pretty slick. Looks the designer has quite a bit of activity on many different forums. Planning to reach out to him and get one. Also curious how well the scribe will work without vibration.


Pretty sure I will get to play this weekend… I will let you know…Maybe a little more video as well… ?

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It verks!! It’s verking!!


Looks like it does an amazing job. Thanks for the video.

How do you think it would work to scribe bend lines on sheetmetal?

I’m wondering how you would get it to line up considering the center of the pen and the center of the torch are two different zeros.

If you knew the exact difference between the two centers then when you’re developing a setup you could offset the pen location in your work coordinate system. Then it should align properly on the piece.

Very cool Rig


Hi Scott…

I think it would work fine marking a line on your material ahead of cutting it out… I’ve only thought about it just a little bit but, something like putting your bend lines on another layer or another drawing entirely would become necessary (I think)… :wink:

    1. I thought a guy would move the torch over to the material 0,0 (start)location and zero the DRO’s…
    1. Then, move the pen over that same 0,0 by jogging the distance of your pen mount offset in both X and Y… (Hopefully, only one or the other.)
    1. Re-zero DRO’s and mark your sheet…
    1. Return to 0,0 and jog back to torch being over 0,0 by subtracting the offsets…
    1. Re-zero once again and make your cut…

I set my tool up like this…

And, the operation in SheetCam looked like this…

I turned off THC in FireControl and played with the Z a little to get a small amount of pressure down on the marker at the top of the material… In the video you see it still drops down to the material to find IHS and then back up to what I’ve called out as the the “cut height” of .20… This pulled the plasma cutting tip far enough off the plate…

Now, I’ve got the machine torch to mount to and raised stanchion plates on my table so, your initial setup may be a little different… I first drew a small part and sat there and just kept adjusting and re-running until I thought I had what was working OK…

Lots of possibilities for other uses here…


I had the same question, but since the table doesn’t know where it is anyway isn’t it just a matter of rezeroing it with the pen/scribe or the torch depending on which one operates first?

you could rezero on a point made by the first tool just as @KX9M described.

You also could also make two programs in fusion 360 one with stock point origin offset the same distance XY as the off in the tools XY plasma and pen . When you run these program consecutively they should line up prefect with no manual zeroing after you have chosen a start point.

makes me want to order one.


Pen/Sharpie & Scribe on the way. I will get to enjoy them all by themselves as they will beat my table here by a month or so… Thanks for posting these. Tom was super easy to work with and very helpful.


Great pen plotter my friend sells !!!

I ended up going with this simple sharpie setup. No offset or programming to make lines match up if you want to do multi layer or mixing materials. The only down side is removing torch and hanging it out of the way. I have velcro strap on hanging pole. I might make something in plastic but just haven’t yet. Not saying it’s be is better than other but for me something simple and easy was right choice. I’m not personal friends with David that sells this sharpie but I use mine almost every weekend and love it.