Peirces but no moving

But I have pne problem with my machine…I am using now…

It peirces but no moving …but when do Demo is moving…at the same time if using flame cut it cuts very good like before…

When I switch to palsma it makes a peirce on the material but no moving…I checked all the safety devices /fuses are all ok from the plasma source but no moving when I command…

Please assist me while I am planning to get the bigger machine this year from you…i followed the videos in YouTube

I am using Huyuan Plasma power source
Huyuan IGBT 200A


torch does not move after initial pierce*

Hey Martine,

Welcome to the Forum! I edit the title of your post to make it a bit more concise.

I’m unfamiliar with Huyuan plasma cutters, and can’t seem to find much info about this specific model online. Do you know if it uses a High-frequency start mechanism? If you are not sure which start mechanism your plasma cutter uses, you can either consult your user manual or contact the manufacturer.


Page 11 shows “high frequency power source” and page 17 says it generates a high freq when arc is struck.

Gouging Operation; Cutting Operation - HUAYUAN LGK-200IGBT Manual [Page 17] | ManualsLib


Good find!

I looked and couldn’t find much available.

That was some pretty easy reading. :wink: :rofl:

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Thanks @Wsidr1!

It’s possible that the documentation could have been mistranslated, but as it’s written it seems like the Huyuan LGK-200IGBT is a high-frequency plasma cutter. High Frequency plasma cutters are strictly forbidden for use on the CrossFire machine because they generate powerful EMI that can cause permanent damage to the machine’s electronics components; this would be why the machine is not jogging, as the EMI could be affecting the power supply, step drivers, or both.

To avoid further damage, I recommend discontinuing use of the Huyuan LGK-200IGBT immediately.


Did I understand that this person also use this machine to flame cut?

That is what @MartineH reported in their post, but none of our machines have flame cutting capabilities; if they were doing so, it would be due to an aftermarket modification.

I am wondering if it isn’t spam…

From the way its written it sounds like a bot to me


My thoughts as well… funny to have a typo though.