Pause Delay & Rewinding a program

Anyone else have this problem? When I have a tip up or have to pause my cut for what ever reason their is a few second delay which sometimes screws everything up because my torch will continue to move after I hit pause and hit the tip up moving my material then trying to zero it all out again is a huge pain. Plus I cant figure out how to rewind my program to restart where I wanted it to pause. So I’ve had to run the entire program again with the my plasma cutter off then time it just right and hit pause then turn on the plasma cutter then continue. Just seems like their has to be an easier way about this. Tonight I am going to increase the motion delay to see if that helps but any other pointers will be helpful.

To rewind, manually jog the machine any which way. Just needs to be moved from the stop location for some weird reason. you must have the highlighted line you want click on the box, it should change color slightly to a brighter color, hit ‘set next line’ and it should dark color back to what it was before(may have a box pop up asking if the codinants are ok) and hit start again. I think that’s how I’ve been doing it… I’ll double check tomorrow for you

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