Patterning in Firecontrol

I have looked for an answer but found nothing. All of the firecontrol tutorial videos do not show the patterning feature. My question is, how do you change the direction of the patterning from Y+ to Y- ?

I think you want to change your origin in fire control. that should give you what your looking for.

Are you trying to rotate your design?

Why not just sat your work zero in a location that allows the pattern to be Y+?

The default origin in Firecontrol is already set as the left rear of the table. Every other function is based off of that zero point except for the patterning function.

No I am not. That would be the Scaling and Rotate function, which I have done several times. I am trying to find out how to change the direction under the patterning function. Currently it is backwards of everything else in Firecontrol.

That would require calculating the total distance of the entire set of parts to be cut. IMO that defeats the purpose of having the patterning option. That wouldn’t be much quicker than just cutting the parts individually.

The default origin in Firecontrol is wherever you set your origin in CAM. The majority of users still use the lower left corner for their origin and zero the work axis at the location where they want the lower left corner of their design to be.

If you are cutting from a full sheet, zero the work axis at the lower left corner of the table and pattern from there. I don’t see how that is different from patterning from the “home” position.


Well I’m not the majority of users. Since the home position in FireControl is the left rear, that is where I have my origin set in SheetCam. I have already cut parts from the sheet and would prefer to continue in that direction to save on material. Plus I want to learn the ins and outs of FireControl. The manual nesting function has the capability to choose the direction, but not in patterning? I was hoping to avoid another call or email to Cameron.

I dont think I have ever ran into this. Unless I did and I just choose a differnt origin not sure. If you decide to do a video to show what your talking about please let us know I would like to see it.

Ok, I figured this out with Cameron’s help. Here is a step by step if someone else ever has this same question.

  1. Select the file you wish to cut and download it into FireControl.
  2. Move the torch to choose your desired start point and zero out all work axis.
  3. Click on the Patterning feature.
  4. Enter in the desired number of rows and columns you wish to cut of your file.
  5. Click on Generate Program
  6. You may trigger a warning that the program extends beyond the limits of the table. Close that warning.
  7. Click on Set Program Origin.
  8. Choose the green square box that correlates with the start point you wish to begin the cut program from. You may need to double tap the green square.
  9. Now your cut program should run in the direction(s) you want from your chosen start point.
    10)Click on Start to begin cutting.

I hope this helps someone and frees up a couple minutes of Cameron’s time from having to answer this again in the future.