Parts sticking at the lead in/out point?

Not sure why this constantly happens and it results in slightly incomplete cuts that i either have to snap off with pliers or find a way to cut.

I use a lead in and out and piece delay seems appropriate but often there is a very slight usually 1/32 or 1/16” that doesn’t get cut, which makes no sense because a lead in and out should create an overlapping loop?

Any thoughts what may be causing this?

Its clearly visible here, I had to snap this one off. To be clear, its not fully cutting the lead in it seems? The obvious solution you would think is pierce delay, but I already have it 0.1 to 0.2 seconds above what hypertherm suggests.

overall firing delay? if you pay close attention can you tell if the torch is in motion before the arc starts? possibly reduce the lead in cut speed in your setup when doing Cam/Manufacture. Also curious it you have adjusted acceleration settings in Mach 3?

The issue has to be something with pierce delay.

I dropped the lead in deed rate and increased pierce delay to a full 1 second.

He issue is when i set it to 1 second, it is a long full 1 second count.

If i see it to 0.8 however which should barely be noticeable over 1 second by the human eye, it almost doesn’t delay before the torch takes off.

Not sure how to control acceleration in Mach?

Not sure about your plasma cutter, but my Hypertherm always requres more delay than the charts suggest. I find this to be a result of the post flow delay. In other words, when i squeeze trigger, it takes about a half a second for the arc to actually fire.


That doesn’t really explain though why 0.8 seconds barely has a delay but 1.0 seconds is a clear and visible pause.