Pan Drain Dimple Die Mod 2

Added my name to the Google sheets list.
Are these still making their rounds?

Yep its still around its heading my way now… Will let people on Google sheet know when Im done with it …

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Thx for keeping everyone in the loop

Thanks for the update.

Printed the mod2 in PLA at 100% infill & increased the number of horizontal shells to 10 on a hunch. Used the Crossfire to cut two 14 ga (best thick material I had handy,) 2" washers so that I got consistent pressure on the plastic. Good results, I might like it a bit deeper, but it’s much better than it was.


Looks great. Die still looks useable!!!

In case anyone is interested in going a slightly different direction with a more efficient drain solution I did this on our XR: (Fix for XR Drains - #13 by ScorchedEarthMW)

Thank you @dbrub2. She’s still making her rounds and performing great.

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That’s great to hear. You did a phenomenal job getting it centered up before doing the dimple! Looks professional!

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Does anyone have one they want to sell? Or can I get on the list to use one and pass it onto the next person? I hate the stock drain set up!

If you want to use the stock drain these dimple die solutions are really necessary unless you’re okay leaving a fair amount of standing water in the pan. You might want to think about using a bar sink drain. Much thinner and will work pretty well without a dimple…much faster draining and you can use some filter media so you don’t clog up the plumbing. The shallower depth will also cause much less stretching of the hole. You can see what we did here: Fix for XR Drains - CrossFire ® XR / General Discussion - Langmuir Systems Forum

Hi Dan is it possible to get the Fusion file? Thanks!


Download thus file with the DXF extension. Once downloaded remove the .DXF and it will be the Fusion .f3d file you need. The forum doesn’t allow sending files with .f3d so you have to trick it into thinking it us a DXF!


Thanks Dan that’s awesome!

Thanks for sharing the files. I am waiting for my last box to arrive so I can build my Pro table and while waiting I printed the Mod V2 in Carbon Fiber PETG (100% infill). They turned out great and I will happily send them along to the next person that needs them once I have completed my table. :slight_smile:

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They look great. I don’t recall hearing anyone talk about using the CF infill so let everyone know how they worked. Might be the best solution yet!

I haven’t gotten any shipment notifications, but should in the next week or so. Thought I’d get ahead of the game and print some also!

You get the prize for most colorful! :nerd_face:

Thanks for the heads up.
I have purchased a 3D printer and will be trying to print these files. l will be using Cura as my slicer. Thanks to everyone that has made this thread possible.

I live in British Columbia Canada and would be willing to print out an extra set for people to use.

Thanks again for all your work!!!
I really appreciate it and will pay it forward when I can.