Pan Drain Dimple Die Mod 2

This is fantastic, nice work. I added myself to the list!

Did you get my msg about what format you needed for the cad file? I also posted the drawings in pdf that would be good for the lathe work but if you want to print it I’d recommend you ask the guys on this post who have printed it for their dxf file.

You can save the file as a dxf in fusion you don’t have to use there f3d format.

Hi Dan, just checking email. I have access to Fusion

Now I get to show my ignorance of the inner workings of the forum. When you say you posted the drawings in pdf, where are they posted. Sorry for not being better informed.

I’m out of town or I would resend…instead here is the forum link where the originals exist.

Note that the fusion dwg with file extension .f3d.DXF is the Fusion cad file but after downloading you need to delete the “.DXF” in the file name then Fusion will recognize it as a Fusion file.

Thx…I’m not home on my pc or I would do the export to DXF and I didn’t share the file to allow me to access the file remotely. I know at least 3 forum members have printed the die so figured one would post the DXF version.

So I tried the PLA printed die with 100% infill and it seems to work satisfactorily. The edges for the flat are not as pronounced as they are with Dan’s machined die but that is to be expected. (Metal edges vs. plastic). The second picture shows the flat area a little better.

I used a little soapy water to lubricate the die against the sheet metal and first torqued it down to 60 ft-lbs and then I tried 80. It didn’t make too much of a difference.


I haven’t fully unpacked my table parts yet and was unable to locate the drain fittings, but it looks like there is more than enough clearance.


I used multiple backing washers to be sure it would be stiff enough. The 2 inch fender washers I used were kind of thin.


As far as durability of the die is concerned I would say that it would definitely be good for several more uses but probably not for continuous use.



Here are the STL files in mm. After you download them you need to change the extension from DXF to STL

Dimple2InchMalestl.dxf (101.4 KB) Dimple2InchFemalestl.dxf (107.0 KB)

Here are the STLS in inches…

Dimple die v2 topstl.dxf (125.9 KB) Dimple die v2 bottomstl.dxf (132.5 KB)


I’m new to this forum and just got my Pro setup and waiting for my Razorcut 45 to ship to me (with the fix I hope) Thanks to all that contributed to this dimple die loaner. Great idea and very appreciative. Thanks

If you Insert -> Insert Mesh in F360, use mm units otherwise scale will be way off! I’ve got these tee’d up for new Creality Ender V2 that will be here Monday…one of my first prints! I’ll be using PETG…awesome - thanks for posting STL! (Edit: inches file has been added above)…

I just ordered the creality ender 5 pro a couple days ago. The guy I have been using to make some of my handles has really been slacking lately so I’ll just print them on my own from now on I already design everything I want printed.

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Thanks for starting this watched the video then found the info in this thread.
Name is on the list so I’m assuming someone will notify me who to send shipping money to.

Another idea for those with a 3D printer, print in PLA, and use it to make a brass or aluminum casting, using the lost wax method. PLA will do almost as clean of a burnout as wax.


It is still in its infancy stage but I think it is working as intended. The Mod1 has been passed to a at least 3 folks but it looks like Mod2 design is preferred. Mod 2 is in my possession and I’m going to send it to the next person in the list ASAP. Whoever, is the holder is responsible to coordinate the passing to the next person.

Can I suggest a change to how we are paying for shipping the Mod 2 die set? Let’s not send money to the person before us but instead just pay to ship it to the next person on the list by USPS. This avoids any PayPal fees or any hassles. The cost for Dan to ship to me was $8.45, I’ll also pay to send it to the next person in order to flip this around.

If everyone can ensure they put their email address in the spreadsheet when they sign up and if they don’t yet have their pans put a note to say when they are expected.



Had to fight through this this morning but made it to post office to get the die on its way to you! Sure miss Florida these days! :cold_face:

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that is not snow!!!

this is snow over one night!!!

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You can have that stuff…here in middle TN they aren’t equipped for this. Had couple days of ice which caused lots of power outages. Spent previous 62 years in Florida so don’t care for the white stuff unless skiing! :smiling_imp:

Thanks looking forward to getting it. I appreciate your efforts!