Pan Drain Dimple Die Mod 2

You get the prize for most colorful! :nerd_face:

Thanks for the heads up.
I have purchased a 3D printer and will be trying to print these files. l will be using Cura as my slicer. Thanks to everyone that has made this thread possible.

I live in British Columbia Canada and would be willing to print out an extra set for people to use.

Thanks again for all your work!!!
I really appreciate it and will pay it forward when I can.

I will print a set to ship within Canada. You pay the shipping from British Columbia.
Printed with PLA, 100% infill.

I am approaching the point where I need a mod 2 die. Would you be willing to send me the plans for the mod 2 so I can get one whipped out?

Thank you either way… your channel rocks!


Hey Gary,

I’m assuming you plan to 3-D print the die. If that assumption is correct and you need .stl files then download the files from the following link but make sure after you do that you change the .DXF to .stl because they are stl files. I believe this forum won’t allow inclusion of .stl file so folks have to trick it by changing the extension to DXF.

Pan Drain Dimple Die Mod 2 - #47 by jmersereau

If you want to turn one on the lathe then the following link has the Fusion 360 cad files

If these links dont work for you let me know and I’ll se if I can get you what you need.


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I have the dimple die (from the spreadsheet signup) and emailed Kent Shaefer to tell him he was next but I haven’t heard back from him. Next?

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Thanks for the mod 2 plans. I will be back in town this weekend and will knock these out. Once I do I will update as to my results.


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I get mt table next week. Does anyone have one of these dimple dies i can get my hands on. Thx

Could you share the file so that I could 3d print one for myself?

Here you go! Remember to change the file extensions

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Do you still have the dimple die? I would love to make quick use of it if you do

I sent it to on 4/20.

Any chance I can get that mod 2 die from you? If so let me know where to send the cash! Thanks!

Man that die was sent out over a year ago and last I heard it was still being passed around. Have you considered a 3D printed one that forum members are offering for free? I hear they work pretty good. I guess I could make another set but would have to order the material and find some time to turn them on the lathe. The price of steel has gone nuts so wonder what it would cost in material to make a set these days?


I have a PETG mod 2 version I printed months back (printed solid on a Prusa). It worked great for me and is still usable. Send me a message and we’ll work on getting that to you.

Thx for the kind offer John…hope he takes you up on it!

Hey John, just checking if my reply went through?

Donnp22 - Just sent you a private message here.

This responding has been confusing. Hope this one gets to you. Let me know.
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