Pan Drain Dimple Die Mod 2

Awesome! Looking forward to getting it. I want to dimple it before my table assembly.

Anyone know what the status of the Dimple Die list is waiting for my turn with the die…

I have the unit. I’ve sent multiple emails to the person next on the list but no response? Should I move on to the next person?

That’s fair. Letting someone big down the distribution because they won’t reply isn’t.

So is Mod 2 the best option for the dimple die? Are there any prints or drawing for it?
I have someone who said they would turn one for me on a lathe, but I want a fool proof usable drawing if I do it. TIA!

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I made a die using the crossfire didn’t turn out to bad. A few pics of the sample in 20 ga stainless.



I just signed up tonight, I have three boxes of parts, just waiting for the rest to show up.
The drain mod II sounds like a great idea, how do I put my name on the list?

Looking forward to many years of sharing information through the form.



Here is a link from that I hope will help. Let me know if it doesn’t. Thx Dan

I signed up for the metal shipments but it seems it has not been updated since May. Is this still going around? I did add my name to the Google sheet already.

I’ve sent a half-dozen out there to people both in the US and Canada. Apparently they either broke or the recipient isn’t passing them on. You may need to print your own or check to see if there’s someone local that can print them for you. Many libraries have 3D printers available for use as well as a local MakerSpace if you have one.

I am inquiring on the metal version. I have a handful of 3D printers myself with various filaments and could go that route if the metal version is not being passed around any longer.

That one seemed to have disappeared from circulation months ago.

That is a shame. I have the STL files so I guess I will print one up in PETG.

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I sent out the metal one to the next person in Oregon two weeks ago, and I updated the online spreadsheet. If needed, I can provide more details including a tracking number.


Hi. Is the metal one available? My table arrives tomorrow. V2? Thanks Don

Hi Don, I’m afraid last time I saw the metal one was the day I sent it to the first name on the signup sheet. If I was in your shoes I’d probably as the guys on this forum to 3D print me some as I hear they seem to work for at least one table.


Great work on this, how would guy go about getting this to use on a new Pro table, Thank you

Been some time since I’ve heard who has the metal punch and die.

the signup sheet is Dimple Die - Google Sheets

I’m afraid if I was in your shoes Id probably go the 3D printed route or the stack of washers that others have used with success. The files for 3d print are in this thread (look at May 31) if you have a 3d printer or know someone who does.

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Added my name to the Google sheets list.
Are these still making their rounds?