Paint for signs

Hello was wondering what type of paint do the majority of people use to paint signs?

It depends if it’s Inside or outside.
For outdoor applications I do prefer either patina with clear or powder coat.

But when I’m using paint I use a lot of beauty tone products

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Some of the best paint I’ve used is POR-15.

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Thanks guys, I am currently using tremclad gloss, I’ll try the por 15 stuff for my next sign.

If you can reduce and spray for bigger signs, tsc enamel w or w/o hardener is hard to beat.

Spray cans, i truly believe the rustoleum brand is 100% better than any off brand.

Powder coat is definitely the cats meow.

Patena and clear is same level as powder coat with high qualty uv resistant clear, yellowing sucks…again rustoleum is %%%% better than store brand.

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I found rust oleum worked much better then tremclad, I am looking to get into powder coating, do you guys have a recommendation on what brand to get and where to order it from?

Much appreciated.

I just went not cheapest, but a couple notches up and far from a pro gun for my current/future projects.
Dual voltage from eastwood, and got some powder with initial purchase. It was easy after the prep work which is key.
I have been using 80% eastwood and 20% prismatic powders and am happy.

I am using a standard old house oven and that is biggest holdback now, 12in hanging x ? I Forget.
and 16 in laying down.

Sucks doing multiple parts at same time

Already planning bigger diy oven this fall

Make sure to wear a min. Of N95 mask while coating

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The Redline EZ50 is a good mid-range gun. Very smooth, great coverage. Works with the Eastwood and HF systems.

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Wet paint I use high temp ceramic paint. It looks great buy bulk on Amazon. Columbia coating has a super mirror black powder sprays amazing with my hyper smooth system.