Outdoor Garden Project Finished with Crossfire XL

Happy Saturday all,
Finished a project for our water garden area today. Made a column to obscure our electrical outlet post for the garden lighting. Was given some drops of .125 diamond plate from a local fabricator. With some nesting and deep thought was able to fill all parts on the irregular shapes of metal. The body of the piece, I turned the diamond plate inward to have a smooth outside. Then placed the diamond plate texture for the roof to emulate shingles. The gray color contrasting the color of the body is .125 Plexi, painted a gray Krylon rattle can and glued to the inside with clear silicone. This was a fun project and resulted with a happy wife. Enjoy the progressive photos.


Very nice! Clever, functional, and attractive!

I’d move this to the Projects category, but you can do it if you want. Just click on the pencil by the thread title.

That is very nice. My wife would like it if I did some of what you just did. She loves the decorative panels. She doesn’t know where she would put them: she just loves them!

I also noticed the re-purposed table saw top as your welding table: great idea!

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Thank you. Moved to projects, gallery.

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Thank you Jim, Repurposing the table saw top was an idea found on YouTube. And placing it on the folding mobile cart reduced the storage footprint greatly.

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