Other valid torches besides Razorweld?

I have gotten pretty screwed over with my Razorweld X45 and want to use a different brand. Is there a compatibility chart somewhere?

Short story: The port for the cable that controls on/off from firecontrol never connected to the cable. I sent it back and they returned it exactly the same. I have reached out for replacement one more time and then I am done with them.

What I need to know is “What are my options?” If the answer is that the Crossfire only works with that torch, I am screwed and peeved.

@mechanic416 Has your answers

What torch do you have and what seems to be the trouble with it? Pictures will help.

If you want call me

First off, thank you so much for such a quick reply!

It’s a Razorweld Cut45 amp. The issue is the little ports where the 2-wire cables connect to have the unit fire or stop. The cables do not clip in place. Please understand that I spent weeks going back and forth with Razorweld to get it replaced. They RMAd it, then sent it back saying it was all fixed. It was not.

I don’t even want it to work, anymore. I will sell it and never give them money again. However, I DO like my table and just need to know what other torches I can buy,

Any suggestions?

EDIT - As it happens to me sometimes, stupidly simple ideas occur after I hit send. Perhaps I can try getting new cables… Any idea where to get those? Might be throwing good money after bad, but WAY cheaper than a new torch. Any help is gratefully appreciated.

Sorry I misunderstood what you were asking. The torch is the cable and handle that the fire comes out of. The hole unit is called a plasma cutter.

You can also just wire it to the inside of the plasma cutter and not use the ports.

A Hypertherm 45 XP plasma cutter will work well on your table.

Your post is a bit confusing, since the torch on/off cable is different from the torch cable. Which cable are you referring to?

This is the torch cable connector

This is the torch firing wire that connects to the torch on/off port on the electronics enclosure.


Sorry for the confusion. The basic unit works fine. The two little plugs for the control of on off by the computer do not fit the cables.

We keep getting reminded how bone-headed RW was to put the same connector type, side by side, with two totally different functions. And, the really stupid thing is that even THEY can’t keep them straight, sometimes wiring them one way and then the other…

At least change the gender, for goodness sakes!

The good news, if there is one, is that it doesn’t hurt to try it either way until it works!

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Ok. Can you post a picture of the cables that don’t fit on those connectors?

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I absolutely will in the morning and really value this thread. Is there a list of NOT Razorweld units that are compatible with Crossfire?

It would help me to weigh future options if I knew whether this was the only game in town or I could consider other alternatives.


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Langmuir has a list of known compatible plasma cutters here. Plasma Cutter | Langmuir Systems

Almost any “blow back” start plasma cutter will work. High frequency start cutters are not compatible. Most plasma cutters under $600 are high frequency machines.

Be advised that Razorweld and Hypertherm are the only plasma cutters with plug and play connections. Everything else will require some wiring and/or disassembly of the machine to wire it.


I cannot thank you enough for your help. I think that I had a question previously (a few months ago) and allowed my frustration to spill into my tone. You were gracious, as I recall, and I am very grateful that you go out of your way to help folks like me out.

Sorry about being a tool, previously.

Last question, and this is a silly one… is the 45A in the naming the minimum amp breaker I need in my box? Or is that output? (See how little I know?)

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That’s max output current, typically. Check your user’s manual for recommended supply current because that depends on the efficiency of the PC internal circuits.

Thank you again.

The Razorweld 45 draws just under 30 amps at max power. It would thoeretically work on a 30 amp circuit, but a 50 amp circuit provides some excess capacity. The excess capacity may be useful if you switch to a more powerful machine or want to use a welder on that outlet.

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Or if you want to run a hair dryer while you’re cutting… Just sayin’.

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