Other uses for the Crossfire CNC?

So, I’m researching this contraption and while I plan to much steel cutting, I have other ideas for the uses of the CNC. For instance, is there a way to attach a Dremel, in place of the plasma cutter, and have it do engraving on a bar of steel? Or would I need a different, smaller CNC?

Seen some home brew things people have made but with this design its going to be limited.While this design is plenty robust to move a plasma torch around it may not be suited for alot of side load.

You can but you would need a z axis

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While having one device that does it all would be awesome I really don’t think this product is the correct device for that. Like john543 said you would need a z axis otherwise you would always have to start a routing operation off edge and drive in from the side. Which as Heath said the force required to move a dremel through the face of the material is considerable and this table really isn’t design to take that load. The physical plasma torch is putting very little load on anything because it is moving through the air, not the material. Routing operations but on a lot of load because they are moving through the material. So it would be easier to convert a Routing CNC to plasma cutting than it would be to convert a Plasma CNC to routing. Because the Routing is already designed to take a lot more load than the Plasma. It’s beefier.

You could attach a MIG welding gun and weld with it, might be limited but fun