Original fire pit files?

Hello, any chance I could get access to the file for the 3-piece fire pit that was pictured in the original crossfire gallery? It doesn’t seem to be on fireshare. I was considering making some as gifts.

Thanks, Ben

I think there was a post recently that it was taken down because of some concern with a potential copyright or intellectual property violation.

BTW, if you’re not wed to the grill Langmuir had shown, check out SteelFXpatinas - they have a free download. But watch out, you’ll be tempted to go down the rabbit hole of coloring steel :smile:

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There are several fire pits over at plasmaspider.com

Speaking of rabbit holes :rofl:

I love PS!


flagged as advertising…


You flagged this post from 3 years ago? Plasmaspider is great.Tons of fire pit designs over there, I highly advise anybody into CNC getting a membership over there as well, worth the price absolutely.


you misread the whole thread…
I posted 3 years after the thread was last posted in…and the advertising post was removed by the Moderator…

and I agree with you abut Plasma Spider…

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