Ordering sheet sizes for the Crossfire

All is going well with my Crossfire (XL kit). I did several test cuts on scrap and am really delighted with machine.

I am going to send my business information to some locate steel suppliers today to get accounts set up and was wondering what sheet sizes most users order.

Thanks - Scott

sizes or thickness…?
it all depends on:

  • how big of items you want to cut
  • how big of sheets you can handle
  • how much storage you have

now a lot of places will not set up accounts unless you buy $XXX amount of product…bigger volume bigger discount…
shop around a bit…but build a rapport with one company…one who is close…travel to get or delivery costs can make the difference.

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@toolboy - I was referencing size, (Out Periphery) of sheets.

Most of my production parts are pretty small and I hope to nest them what ever size best fits in the machine. Currently, I outsource them so it will be a few test runs to see what it best yield. No crane and a crick in my back so it would be nice to be able to load with one person.

My shop is pretty small when filled up with cars, bikes and project and it would be a challenge to store and handle full sized sheets.

I have several contacts with local steel suppliers from when my Dad had his machine shop. Hopefully the remember me and more important like me.

Yes, I have a big truck and trailer and can drive where-ever to help keep delivery costs down. With diesel at $5 a gallon and heading north I might have to have the sheets cut down into 10" squares to fit in my motorcycle saddle bags though.

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I get my sheets cut down to 33"x48"+/- (whatever the mill width is).
@ScottHen, Yeah with fuel going up I may build a small trailer for the Road King and pick the lighter stuff that way.

My supplier usually has 4x4 sheets available. I find them much easier to move around by myself. I have purchased a few “bargain” sheets that were cut down to 3x8, but they are a pain to handle by myself.

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This might help you if weight of sheet is needed. I ordered a 4x8 sheet of 10 guage steel (185 pounds)!!!


One of the many reasons I have a 2x2 table! :rofl:


I get most of my metal as drops. If the place I buy from takes 3’ off the end of a 4x8 sheet they consider the rest a drop??? I get it for scrap price so I’m not complaining one bit…

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My son in law was helping me move the 12 guage sheet and our support table (on wheels) shifted causing the entire sheet to fall, edge first, on my foot. I had leather boots on but am still limping. That sheet weighed 140 pounds. We asked for help and had more respect when we got to the 10 guage sheet.

Wow! That’s a great deal.

I have a Crossfire Pro, so I get all my sheets sheared to 4x4 feet.
I installed a small floor mounted jib crane (very small) next to the plasma table. (OZ Lifting Products Davit Crane with DC Winch — 500-Lb. Capacity, 67in. Height, Model# OZ500DAV-ACW | Northern Tool) and use a rolling vertical rack to store the sheets. I use a lifting dog to pull the sheet out of the rack, roll the rack out of the way, lay the sheet down on the floor, pick it up with a lifting magnet, swing it over the table. I manage sheets up to 3/8 inch thick this way.

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Huh, didn’t know those even existed… Nice!!

Kind of along the same lines… Here’s a video on a truck mounted crane Abom79 built for his pickup truck… I’d expect a guy could mount this to the floor with proper bracing… Entertaining to watch anyways!!