Ordered my Crossfire Pro last night!

I have been lurking here reading and researching CNC machines for over two years. I finally made a decision. I was fretting over whether to get a Plasma or a Router CNC machine. The answer was obvious…get both. So, now that I’m committed the wife gave me a dirty look anyway, but I took the plunge. For me this is the start of a side hustle. My other business is management consulting and I sorely miss working with my hands.

I have the Crossfire Pro otw with all the options, the RW45 except for the laptop stand that I don’t need since I will install a dedicated mini PC or Mac Mini for Fire Control.

I want to thank all of you for your posts and insights and sharing. I have learned a lot even though I’ve never operated a CNC machine I feel like I have already. 100’s of hours of youtube videos… whew. I have built a maker kit 3DP (LayerFused x301) and used 3D printers before so I’m not totally green. But I am still prone to reckless mistakes, so be prepared for dumb questions.

I am going to order a Shapeoko Pro 5 soon too, once I get the new garage space squared. Oh, also the wife is a bit peeved about that. I’m trading the one car garage for the two car garage. Anyway, hello and cheers.



That is what I was going to say! :joy: But, in a slightly snarky way. You took the air out of my balloon but congrats are in order.

Well, you know “marriage” is not a word. It IS a sentence. You know you are going to make this up to her. @Cletus has had some experience with purchasing a new tool and dragging it through the kitchen.

Welcome to the forum. It sounds like your research will have removed a lot of surprises. There will still be issues that happen. That is life. It is how you approach the issues that help each of us realize what we are made of.

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When I got back from my honeymoon my boss came into my office and told he had one piece of advice for me. He said there is no right or wrong in marriage… just a difference of opinion.

I tell that to my wife all the time… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m not sure that’s the interpretation my boss intended… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


whoa!!! My order has shipped already! This is much faster than expected. I’m tdy this week hopefully it doesn’t arrive until after friday.


It trickles in so it might take 10 days to 2 weeks to have everything (based on my experience). The heavier, larger pieces arrive last, I believe.

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Amazing how this shipping lead time has turned around. I ordered mine 1 year ago and didn’t receive my last box until August. :grinning:

And the legs were the last thing to come so I couldn’t really start much assembly until then.

I received shipping notices for everything already!

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things they dont tell you on youtube…
.after your first cut your water is going to be dirty kinda like sewer water but thats just the way it is
the first time you clean it you will see how much ends up in the pan
your nice pristeen concrete floor and walls will take a beating from this lovely brown water splashing out of the pan …eventually I plan on putting down epoxy so it can be cleaned up

study feed rates ,amprage settings and recomended psi for what you want to cut

plan on spending another 100 to 200 on an air dryer for your plasma machine

the easiest path to your first cut that I have found…inkscape to save to .svg file import drawing to sheet cam (buy the license its worth it) turn it into gcode and make sure you read up on layers and tool paths…run it on fire control

spread out your cuts so that your metal doesn’t warp …the first time you ruin a real nice piece of metal is a real downer

Take your time puttting together your machine …the build quality is excellent and everything is well labeled

just my advice from another new owner …and you made the right choice getting the pro with the Z axis …I don’t have it but it looks like I will be spending another 550 to get it

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well…I have a 2 car garage…well I did have a 2 car garage…
now I have a 2 bay workshop and no garage for the wife’s car…

and you think you have a peeved wife…HA!!!

try living in the Great White North in Ottawa Canada…where I am retired and the wife still goes to work each day…

I find it so heart warming to stand there in the morning drinking my coffe while I wave my wife off to work after she brushes the snow off her car…

She works so hard to keep me happy…



brave man. Hope we don’t read about you in the papers. :slight_smile:


The biggest boxes are showing up today! Less than 5 days from order date. These guys are on it! Love the efficiency.




Off-topic from plasma cutting. BUT, I am going to use my Bambu X1 Carbon to print parts for my Crossfire Pro. My first idea is an uber torch mount.

This is the test benchy that I printed this morning.


and my first ever multi-color 3d print all done without touching the machine…