Ordered CNC Pro and will be cutting at least 1" thick metal

I just ordered the CNC Pro and will be cutting at least 1" thick metal…what Plasma machine is recommended? I would like to be able to cut 1/16" all the way to 1" thick. I have been looking and know there are ‘many’ different ones…but just not sure which will work the best with the CNC Pro. Thank you!

1" is about 41 pounds per sq foot so a 3’x4’ pc is about 500lbs

1" is Langmuir s system Crossfire Pro max (based of the weight of the steel )

this is from the crosspro faq on the main site

the razerweld 45 can cut 1" @ 3.5 ipm or something like that?

A better questions are

how fast do you want to cut?

Are you edge starting or piercing this 1" ?

The Crossfire pro does not really care what plasma is hook to it as long as its not high frequency start.

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Thank you for the reply TinWhisperer…I don’t really plan on setting a full 4x3 sheet of 1" on the CNC Pro table…but you did bring up a good point. I would really need the ability to edge start and also pierce…I am building tractor brackets right now and they usually have holes for bolts to slide through.

Looking at the razorweld 45 specs it states:

  • Cutting Thickness - Clean (in)1/2 Mild steel
  • Cutting Thickness - Severance (in)3/4 Mild steel

I was looking at either the Thermal Dynamics or Everlast units…but there are so many to chose from even between those 2 brands.

I meant the 45xp ,oops

I am a Hypertherm fan so a powermax85 all day for single phase power for me.


For a reasonably priced unit, I would go with the Everlast 82i for what you plan to cut. Hypertherm is a better machine, but that comes at a cost.

Wow…that cut looks awesome!! So you are using the 45xp or the powermax85 ? Both of them were referenced in your last reply.

Hypertherm and Razorweld are two different manufacturers correct?

I have a Powermax85.

I did almost buy a everlast 102i

I think these are about the biggest single phase machines available.

Everlast stats

Hypertherm stats

The picture your looking at linked by TinWhisperer was originally posted by me cut with my Hypertherm 45XP

Thank you for clarifying!!! So that is the hypertherm 45xp and you cut 1" ??? That looked awesome. Is that unit just plug and play with the factory cnc port and the cnc pro?

1" thick WOW! …I must push my CUT60 one of these days and see how it does. :fire:

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