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Very unhappy with support communications. Send five emails over so many weeks asking about Arcflate table order ….no response from Langmuir. Order#61326.
How does anyone get help or status??


All of my orders with Langmuir have been preorders so I can’t really speak to things that are “ready to Ship”. but in my dealings with them shipping info was always as good as it could be. There are almost always delays in introducing new product to market. They are also a small company so give them a little but of time to reply. Also check your spam filter on your email, I can’t count the number of time folks get on the forum railing about bad support when the reply (from the first day they reached out to LS) is locked in their spam box. I’ve always gotten my product from Langmuir Systems!

Hopefully this helps.

Bruce Maley
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@PKSharp welcome to the forum!

I feel your pain… it can be hard waiting for a new toy! I believe their standard protocol is to send out an email to confirm your order and then send out a second email when it ships. I haven’t heard of them sending out individual order status updates via support. I have seen them send out global updates for pre orders when they have had unforeseen supply issues or have made a change to the design that affected the shipping times. It looks like the current lead time on the Arcflat is 3-4 weeks. How far past the 4 weeks are you? I waited over 7 weeks for my PRO table, many on here waited much longer than that for their product. Your table will come and when it does it will be worth the wait.

Good luck and looking forward to seeing posts of things you make on your new ArcFlat!


Welcome to the forum!
I can’t help with order information, but, in general, use a specific reference to someone at Langmuir if you want their attention. For example, @langmuirsystems

Posting here just gets to the Riff Raff who hang around here. Isn’t that right guys? :rofl:


I don’t know what your talking about Willis!!! Well at least you’re talking about us to us!!!:grin:

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