ORDER #17014 Placed today! What laptop is best?

I am a marine accessories fabricator in Ft. Lauderdale, I finally took the plunge on a pro model and would like to get a jump start on BOTH laptop computer and industrial grade Plasma cutter. Could any of you advise me on these? I am NOT interested in the cheap route, I want proven, headache free, reliable units.
Thanks in advance!

Congratulations! You’ll love your table. For an industrial grade plasma, you’ll want to stick with Hypertherm. You will get the best cut quality, the fastest speeds, and the longest lasting consumables. There are viable options that are cheaper, but you said you are not interested in the cheap route. The model depends on the material thickness you intend to cut. A Powermax85 is the largest machine you can run on 1 phase power.

For the laptop, I’d recommend matching the laptop to the design software you intend to use. The software that runs the table isn’t very demanding, but if you intend to use Fusion 360 for CAD/CAM, you’ll want a laptop that can support graphic design. Look at Fusion 360’s so called “minimum system requirements” and multiple that 2-3 times to get a computer that won’t bog down and piss you off on large, detailed designs. If you intend to do the graphic design on a desktop and only need the laptop to run Firecontrol, you won’t need a high end computer.

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