Openbuilds cad/cam for Crossfire

has anyone used openbuilds plasma cam to generate g-code for the crossfire? I have been looking for a solution other than sheetcam for a simple classroom setting.

I have checked it out and it can be installed locally (on a self hosted web server) and seems to be efficient.

Just wanted others thoughts on this program, it can be found at and run from the internet if you have internet or it can be downloaded and run locally as mentioned above.

I also use inkscape to create image files to import or sometimes just take a jpeg and import (this I was really impressed with).

I haven’t looked into it, but the CF is pretty straightword, G-Code-wise, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to modify the post processor to match CF requirements if necessary. Mach3 Plasma, No Z is the basic SheetCam post.

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