Open Path in SheetCam

I need help! I have a DFX file that is showing open paths in SheetCam, but when I pull up the drawing in Fusion 360, there are no open paths! I’ve even run the file check, and it tells me there are no open paths. I scrapped the DFX file, and created a new one using Fusion 360, but when I import it into SheetCam, I got the same problem. In the same spots. If I zoom in in SC, I can clearly see the open paths, but when I bring up the drawing in 360, again, there are NO open paths. Can anybody tell me what’s happening here?

That usually happens when there’s a tiny overlap. You can zoom in to the corners and nodes in sheetcam and you’ll see a tiny piece that needs to be trimmed off a corner or something.

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Can I edit in Sheet Cam? I can see gaps in sheetcam, but when I open in F360, there are no gaps! I like SheetCam, but if it’s gonna add gaps to my files that aren’t there in 360, then I’ll find something else to use.

Try editting in InkScape. You can move each individual vertex and join overlapping ones fairly easily. Of course, doing this on anything other than the rare exception could get pretty tedious…

You can use the Join command to join the unconnected ends of lines within a tolerance you define and it does it for all of the design that you’ve selected. There are also a couple of node editing and line erasing/deletion tools in Inkscape (also Corel if you have that) which allow you to pretty easily fix overlapping lines which can also be a problem with DXFs.

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