Open contour/ closed contour

Hi everyone , I have a quick question. When im in the cutting tab in manufacture, and I go to highlight the lines I want cut it always highlights the actual line as well as the dotted line beside it, if that makes any sense. if I click on the line again, I can choose between open and closed contour. is there a way to set this so that I don’t have to double click every line?

anyone have any insight on this? still struggling

Extrude in model. Then select the face in manufacture.

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What he said​:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:best to extrude first. Shortcut is E I believe or it’s in the tool bars at the top under CREATE menu. I think

thanks so much guys ill look into that!!

Is this something that is new to the update? im far from a pro on this but have had my table for a frew months now and only noticed this issue lately. Is there a certain height everyone is extruding to?

No. It’s not new. Draw your shape in model tab. Click on the face and it will turn blue. Press E or right click and click extrude. Type some arbitrary number like .25".

Go manufacture tab and go thru the process as normal. But when you select the profile to be cut just select the face of the extruded shape. F360 will automatically put the arrows where they need to be. Continue as normal to cut it out.

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Thanks burgs04, I guess that one got past me. appreciate you taking the time to explain it to me

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Hi everyone,

This is a great idea, but, I extrude the work, go to manufac and do my setup, then go to make tool path, enter in figures. and it ok then it starts to calculate but get to 25% and sits there. I can go in to drop menu and tell it to edit and it will go back in to tool window but keeps stopping at 25%. Is this common?

Thanks again for the short cut.

Typically if you can’t finish a toolpath it’s because of the complexity.

I usually breakup the design into multiple toolpaths. I have one for outside cuts, one of inside cuts (large, with normal sized lead-ins), med inside cuts (small lead-in), small inside cuts (no lead-in) and lines only (not cutting out a piece, just cutting a line). Each toolpath calculates individually but I generate the G-Code for all of them at the same time into a single .TAP file.

Figured this out by “accident” the other day!! I was stoked!! Needed to cut a couple of bend lines into a project and this required another toolpath without an offset… Up until then, I had no idea… Learning all the time with this!!

I try to extrude to the thickness of the metal that I’m working in. Not because Fusion or the table need it that way but as a quick reference next time I come back to the file. Some things I don’t cut very often (only once). So It helps me remember that I was doing it in 1/4" plate or 24ga sheet.