Having trouble with some tool pasts

Im having trouble getting some of the fonts that I’m doing to run a complete tool past on all of it of and on others I don’t have any trouble not sure what I’m doing wrong. Help would be a preciated thanks

Posting a video would help tremendously

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I’ll do that tonight

When doing font cuts I always set my line width/ or PATH width to what my expected Kerf is depending on the nozzle I’m using.

This can give you an idea wether the cutter will be able to fit with any lead in or out settings you have entered in your tool pathing.

I know some programs see it won’t fit with the current set up and it just doesn’t run a cut path on it.

The problem I’m having is in Fusion 360 when I go to set the tool path I mark everything that I want to cut and when go to set the tool path only path of it will be set to cut

Burgs04 has good suggestion

If u could file post here I’m sure someone will dive in to see what may be the issue

I’ve download the FUSION 360 App
It’s a great help to access my design anywhere and be able to upload it to someone for assistance or for an ok to go ahead and cut the project.

Extrude your design in model tab. Then select the face for your cut profile

Looks like you are cutting to the inside of the outline. Click the red arrow that corresponds to the outer profile. This will change the cut tp the outside of the profile.

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But you see in the 2nd picture it didn’t mark all the lines for the tool path

Delete your toolpath and try again.

I did sometimes it will work sometimes I can redo the tool path several times and it still won’t do a tool path

Try extruding it the part

I’m not sure how to to that

See above linked post.

Not sure what your talking about

Click on this link and the post tells you how to extrude the part and then create the toolpath.

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Thanks I will try that I really appreciate all the help for sure this is all new to me I’m not real computer savvy by no means but learning a little at a time