Open a file on sheet cam

hello some of you guys have already meet me on here. im new to the cnc world and programing also.

i bought a file from etsy the other day and i already downloaded sheetcam and inkscape as well but i cant figure out how to open the file on either program.

i would really appreciate the help. also has anyone made a video of how to run the programs? i see that there are a lot of videos of how to put the machine together but none on how to install, upload, run, files or change them into different formats not even how to run the breakin file. and if there is can someone plz post the link .

thanks guys.

Sounds like you would benefit from taking a computer class from a local school or having a friend or family member show you some basics.


Let’s start with something simple like running the break in file, assuming you already downloaded the file and it is in your downloads folder. Open Firecontrol and you will see a section that says “load program” in the upper left. Click on the up arrow next to that and a file explorer window will open. Navigate to your downloads folder and select the break in file that you downloaded. Then hit start to run the file.

As for loading your etsy file, it may have been provided in a zip file that has numerous files inside. You will have to extract those files before you can use them. Google how to extract zip files.

For Sheetcam, its very simple to load a drawing. Click on the file menu and go down to where it says “import drawing”. Click on that and navigate to where your drawing (SVG or DXF) is located on your computer and select it.


Well I do know how to run autocad, took it back in college about 15 years ago lol. But yea I was thinking about taken a class just to get my memory back on how to save files and convert them to different types of files.

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it is also easy to typoe into google…" load file into inkscape"…or “load file into sheetcam”…
you will find step by step videos out there…

we always love to help…but Google is a great teacher also…just type in your question as you would ask it…Google will get the most relevant information…

even when you get to want to cut…you can search here “cut chart for X plasma”…even google will do that.


That Google is SO Nice! :heart_eyes:


nicer than me…well…before some whiskey of course…then I am real nice…

You’d be nicer if you shared…

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