Online Metal Supplier


I live in an area where I don’t have the luxury of having a local metal supplier. So, I either find a supplier that ships, or go on a 3+ hour road trip to pick up what I need. With the price of gas these days, I’ve been searching for someone who will deliver. The key being their shipping rates.

After some searching, adding sheets to the cart to see what the shipping costs are, I was shocked by some of the rates I was seeing. In excess of $300 for 2 sheets of 16g 48x48!

Midwest Steel and Aluminum has the best rates I’ve found. For 3 sheets of 16g 48x32” the shipping cost as $74.

Is there an online supplier you use, and do they offer decent shipping rates?


If you spend a certain amount the supplier 90 mins away may deliver for free and already have a truck going on a route in your direction. You can offer to meet them halfway or somewhere along their route. Another option is to have them deliver to a 3PL along that route if it comes in pallets. The 3pl warehouse can transfer the pallet onto your vehicle with a lift. My 3pl charges $25 per pallet inbound and outbound.

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Thanks! I’ll look into that option.

If you have a local weld/repair shop that gets deliveries, the company they buy from might be willing to load on the same truck without you have to buy the minimum amount.