Older Hypertherm powermax45 machine torch options

I have an older (non xp) powermax 45. It uses the t45v hand torch and thats what ive been running on my og crossfire table. I made a cpc port cable and modified things to fire the torch and still be able to disconect it and use it as a hand torch when needed.
Im awaiting delivery of my XR table so now i need either a new machine torch. Can anyone give me some insight on what torch part number will work with my current cutter and hopefully a newer bigger powermax if i find a good deal on a 65 or 85 in the near future.


And can i use the mini or do i need the longer machine one for the xr?

I am in the same boat as you with the 45 NON XP and waiting on the XR. I recently bought the T45M torch as my research found it to be the correct one. I am thinking the Duramax torches for the 65 and 85 are different. Hopefully someone with more experience can chime in to confirm.

“Owners of the world’s most popular air plasma, the Powermax45®, can now upgrade to a Duramax® series torch, the same torch type found on Powermax65, 85, and 105 systems. In replacing the T45 torch originally sold with the Powermax45, owners can enjoy longer consumable life, better cut quality, and more torch and consumable options.”

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Wish I had found those articles when I was looking for my machine torch. I looked at all the spec sheets (obviously they dont go back an update those) and found the T45M. I would have liked to have been able to use the same XP consumables. I wonder if the hand torch could use them or if I would have to keep both on hand? I think I will hold off on any upgrades until things settle down and go with a SYNC model with yet different consumables. Thanks for posting. Gives the OP something to think about.

Marketplace - Hypertherm Powermax 65/85/105 Plasma CNC Machine Torch | Facebook

Nice, i woulda gotten this if i hadnt already purchased one.