Old timer needs new workflow

Long story short,
I’m an original CF buyer. I preordered the first version. I made a few things but had an interuption of 3 years. I had to relearn F360 because they had a new version when I came back. I made a few more things and my torch burned up. Bought a new torch but just used it manually. Then I found out about the larger table upgrade. I tried to order it then found out the hardware was different and i would need that too. Then my computer was no longer able to run F360. New computer, it took a dive just after warranty.
So now I need a computer to run F360, I can still use Mach 3 but i would like to move forward to the larger table rails for the personal cnc. And be able to learn the new software.
Can someone give me a link to the new workflow?
I’m basically starting from scratch.

Hey Carl,

Welcome back to the Forum!

You can find our Software Workflow here: Software Workflow | Langmuir Systems

We also offer a Fusion 360 video guide, but keep in mind that the guides were recorded a few years ago. Some of the UI elements have changed as Fusion 360 has had updates, but the guide is still functionally accurate. You can find that here: CAD/CAM with Fusion360 | Langmuir Systems


What new hardware do I need to upgrade to FireControl?

You can upgrade to a FireControl-compatible Electronics Enclosure by purchasing a CrossFire Z-Axis + THC Upgrade Kit, which also includes a mechanical Z-axis and all the necessary components for Automatic Torch Height Control - just make sure you select “Gen 1 - Mach 3” under the “CrossFire Generation” dropdown menu, as this option lets us know to include the Gen2 Electronics Enclosure.


Welcome back Carl @cbrunberg. Sounds like you have had quite the journey. I was obviously not here three years ago but understand life’s challenges and changing responsibilities/interests occur.

Good luck to you. We are here to help you get back into the game. Just ask.

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Welcome back!

With regard to F360, in the year I’ve been using it, the biggest changes (improvements) have been in the CAM section. It’s gotten more user friendly, especially the contour selection. You may have a bit of a learning curve but it’s much more functional than before.

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@cbrunberg I have an original 2x2 table from batch 2. Since then I upgraded to the longer Y axis and last year upgraded to the Z axis + THC with the new control box and using Firecontrol. Those upgrades have been very well worth it even though those together were 80% the cost of my table back in 2018.