OK. Where does the SheetCam post processor reside

I downloaded the SheetCAM post processor(FireControl-v1.5.scpost) from the LangMuir downloads page. What do I now do with it and which folder do I load it in?

If you did a default install:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SheetCam TNG\Posts


Check towards the bottom.

Thanks to all. Just what I needed.

As an alternative, you can open SheetCam, Select:
Help->Open Settings Folder
and a Windows explorer window will open and you’ll see a folder called ‘posts’. You can copy the post processor there and then it will show up in the Post Processor list with the tag ‘(editted)’ after it. This simply indicates that is it is a custom post processor, not one distributed with SheetCam.
Note that you’ll probably have to restart SheetCam after you do this.

The ‘Help->Open Settings Folder’ is a handy feature allowing you to quickly access the Default tools and other settings used by SheetCam.