Ok got it to fire up

Ok the plasma cutter will start sometimes an most of the time it wont an when it do arc off it will only cut half or less what am i doing wrong please help

What kind of plasma cutter are you using?
Do you have the work clamp connected to your workpiece?
Do you have the plasma cutter wired for 240V?
What torch standoff height are you using?
What is the CFM rating and air capacity of your air compressor?
What thickness are you cutting and what is your feed rate and amperage?

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Razorweld30i clamp is on pc hooked up to 240 its set to a 1/8 off of mat 180 gallon tank not sure on cfms speed rate was down to 24ipm 11g mid ways on amp on machine

Try using the 1/16" shim and 30 amps.