Ohmic ring? Yes, no?

Is there any need or benefit to getting consumables with the ohmic ring? I know I have THC and I haven’t had any issues with cuts but I’m wanting to stock up on consumables and was wondering if thinner stock that may be elevated where the torch first touches may shorten lifespan without the ohmic ring before THC makes adjustments.

Thanks for any feedback you all have.

Langmuir s THC system does not use the ohmic system.

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I tend to use this ohm system…


So thats your secret!! Been following you for over a year trying to figure this out! :wink: :rofl:

Like tin said; the ohmic setup is not compatible with the XR. You also can’t modify it to work with the XR due to firecontrol. The only way to run the ohmic setup is witch Mach 3, like @TomWS

Awesome, thanks for confirming everyone.