OG Crossfire user who can't remember


I haven’t posted here in a few years nor have I had the time to use my Crossfire. I’m looking to sell it once I make sure everything is up and running properly, but I had a question that I can’t for the life of me figure out.

The question is about software, specifically what was needed. I know that originally I used Fusion 360 to create, and if I recall correctly I also used Fusion to map out the tool path and all that stuff. After that, I used Mach 3 I believe to make the actual cuts.

The question is, where does Sheetcam come in with all this? The reason I ask is my old laptop with the software went kaput, and I’m trying to piece everything together from the laptop’s SSD that I was able to recover. I see a folder for Mach3, but none for Sheetcam. I’m beginning to question whether or not I even purchased it if it wasn’t needed, and I don’t recall using it from the screenshots I’ve seen.

Thanks, sorry in advance for the old-guy questions.

@rxmart2 Welcome back.

SheetCAM is one of the 2 options for CAM. You may have done it all in Fusion 360 though which can do CAD and CAM.

You may have not used sheetCAM at all by the sound of this post of yours from 5 years ago


If you had installed SheetCam you would have two sets of folders.
First, on the C Drive, in the folder, C:\Program Files (x86), you would have a folder: SheetCam TNG, if you don’t have that, you didn’t install it.

If that folder does exist, then, to check if you have a SheetCam license, you would look inC:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\SheetCam TNG and check to see if there is a file “license.camlic”.
This would be your license file. Save that because you’ll need that for a replacement installation.

If you did install it with a license, then you might as well save the Default.tools, SheetCam TNG.ini, and the “posts” folder because this will have all of your previous settings.


Wow thanks guys. I think you’re probably right that I never used Sheetcam and that is why I can’t find it. I see all of the Mach3 files and folders on the SSD, so I’ll work on getting this copied to test things out.

Much appreciated!

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