OG Crossfire FOR SALE

Hell all,

I have an OG crossfire I’d be willing to sell.
It was assembled and I ran the test program on it but never actually cut anything on it. It’s been sitting in my garage ever since.

Location is south Florida. (Hollywood)

If you are interested please PM me.

Table has water table and laptop stand as well.
I do have a HF cutter I can throw in for an additional 300

Serious inquiries only please. Let’s not waste each other’s time.

Is this the older Mach 3 controller?

Yes, this is the original Crossfire.

Thank you. I’m too old to learn Mach 3. Good luck.

Never too old to learn, but I understand. I don’t recall it being difficult at all.

The real reason is that I already have a Pro and it would be too confusing to use two postprocessors and motion control programs.

No worries. I may just break it out and fire it up if it doesn’t sell. I just figured someone may want it and its just sitting there.

I recommend it. Great way to burn up an afternoon.

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