Nozzle/tip size?

Hello, what tip size does everyone use? I’ve been using the 1.1mm tips that came with my 62i cnc package, I have gotten decent results with this as I have been mainly doing artsy stuff out of thin steel 16g and 14g, I am just wondering if i should go with a smaller tip when I buy more? what do you use? Even better if you’re using the same machine I am.

These are some recommendations given by @mechanic416 on a topic about Everlast 80 and 62i:
1.1 mm tip is rated at 60 amps
0.9 mm tip is only rated at 40 amps.
For 16 gauge use:
0.6mm/20 amp .025" orifice or 0.8mm/30 amp .030" orifice tips. for finer cuts

Obviously, you would need to adjust your feed rates going to a different tip so do some test cuts before you run your project.

Hopefully others will chime in if they have other recommendations.
It was actually pretty easy to find on this site. I just typed “tip size on 62i” in the search box. :upside_down_face:


Hey wade…I run a 62i…have for 3 years…
I run mostly 0.8…0.9…1.0…1.1…1.2…
if you search the forum for consumable amp rating I know @mechanic416 posted agreat chart that shows the amps to tip size…

for 14 gauge I use .9 to 1.1 depending on how fast I want to cut…or how detailed I want…


Hi @toolboy , where do you get consumables? Do you buy them from Everlast or off amazon or something?

So I’ve seen a few of the threads on tip size vs amp rating… but overall I haven’t seen much in the way of general recommendation as far as whether I should be using smaller tips for thinner material, maybe because it’s sort of a preference thing and more relative to the level of precision one desires for a given final product? Am I understanding this correctly? To summarize what I’m asking: in general is it recommended to switch tip sizes frequently to match the amps/thickness ? I don’t know if I missed that in my references. Maybe it goes without saying. Maybe I’m just the type that asks that kind of question sometimes to confirm or disprove what I thought I knew.

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I don’t have the same unit you do but it might be the same torch. I got a set initially off Amazon quick to start with so I had something in my hand right away when I got the cut60 but will probably buy some from either primeweld or mechanic416 on here too both to support ppl here and compare them. It looks like a lot of them are very similar if not identical but I’d stay with at least something that has many positive reviews and isn’t the absolute cheapest option. I did read a bunch of stuff elsewhere about some of the ultra cheap consumables off Amazon fitting “okay” but the threads not being quite right which doesn’t sound like a good way to get a precise cut. Assuming that those same ultra cheap consumables have a lesser electrode too because the halfnium or whatever it is (that dot in the middle of the silver tip) … is probably thinner or not as accurately placed but this is just a guess and others know better about that part. I haven’t used any yet but The “theia plasma” ones I got for $30 seem to be identical to those that came with my primeweld, I’ll put some calipers on them to make sure this afternoon and edit this post… I think they’re labeled as fitting your machine too but again I haven’t used them yet so I don’t know if there’s a difference only apparent during cutting. if you just want to know it will work correctly it’s probably worth the extra $15 or whatever getting it from the guy here. Having done small business stuff myself… it’s probably worth the extra few bucks for the service/accountability aspect or “buy once cry once” kind of thing

The nozzle will come with the amp rating if it is from one of the primary/OEM manufacturers of plasma cutters. If your buying knock off consumables they may mimic the look but not the performance capabilities.

@mechanic416 will know.

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Yeah they measured out the exact same and threads are fine but have not cut with them yet so as you say… easier to buy from a known good source probably