Nozzle diameter and Kerth width

I have looked everywhere for the nozzle diameter and kerth width for razor cut 45 with torch tip. I cannot find. Can anyone help me with answer or point in direction. Thanks

My understanding is that the nozzle diameter does not come into play much so it can be set the same as kerf width. There should be settings in cut charts for kerf but the most accurate way is to do a sample cut and measure with feeler gauge. Most people vary this dimension based on the results of cutting sample pieces with known dimensions. On fire share you will find several examples of cut coupons, test cards.

I don’t have razor so can’t give you exact number

If you use the search tool AND spell Kerf correctly, you should find what you’re looking for because it has been posted multiple times.


The cutting tip is rated at 45/50 amp and the orifice hole is 1.0mm/.040"