Now we are cookin’

Got the software conquered, did 3 designs today, with no tutorials needed.
A friend is giving me some stuff, so I made some gifts to return the favor.
image image


Nice work Jerry!

So, I’ve made a couple of bucks here and there making things for people. But, being a “home gamer” I’ve gotten paid back multiple times over for my investment in time and dollars buy making something in collaboration with someone else and giving it to them. Making gifts… Tributes… Etc… Gives you a good feeling inside… Totally know where you’re coming from Jerry…

I’ve always loved learning something new… Still learning every day… To me, there’s a value just in that!! It’s not always just about dollars. :slight_smile:


Agree, just learning new skills has a value of its own.
I had a lot of people help me out when I was younger, so I do enjoy Sort of giving back