Nothing but problems

Got my machine however cannot even try it to make sure everything works

Fireshare is not working
I have a Mac so sheetcam is not comparable … don’t know what is every time I want to download a software …never works

If I was to cut a circle at this point Id be happy
Starting to regret my purchase

Download the free Fusion 360 for Mac.
Watch the videos from langmuirs website on Fusion navigation. Draw a circle …
Cut it out… We are here to guide you in your quest. :grin: If you can not download any programs, it sounds like a computer issue. I’m not a Mac guy, so I would not be able to help you there.


Respectfully, that’s like buying a bike and blaming the company because you don’t know how to ride it. There’s plenty of info on Langmuirs website that describes the workflow. All this information was available prior to your purchase.

I’ll email you a file you can cut if you provide your material thickness, table information, and plasma cutter information.

I use a Mac for everything. I used to dual boot into windows to run sheetcam, now I use parallels. I design everything is a vector program for Mac, Affinity Designer. Inkscape is free and will also work.


I’ve read some of your other posts just now. Have you got the table put together correctly ? Have you fixed the slipping couplers? All in all its pretty easy. Just read the and watch all the Langmuir videos until you can draw and cut one of your own projects.


Fire control has the ability to do straight line cutting. that might be a route to get you started to see if things are working.

There may be a member in your location that can come and give you a hand.


Yes thanks fixed all those issues … however I’m getting an error code “ no speed control”…

I’m downloading same files from plasmaspider then running through sheet cam then fire control but can’t cut anything

Draw a circle in FUSION, extrude it, go to Manufacturing.
Set up coordinate, pick machine, choose the circle, post process it.
And cut it out. No plasma spider, no sheetcam. No other variables.
Lets see if the table even works.


You’re not doing something right with creating your jet cutting operation in Sheetcam. I’m not near my computer right now, or I would post a video of how to do it correctly.

Thanks for the help ! I’ll have a cookie and calm down… lol!

Here’s my setup

1.Mac with parallels ( for windows)
3. Fire control

Got a “ bee” pic but when loaded to fireshare
Looked nothing like a bee and did a dry run with table plasma off
Seem to work
Ok…I’ll download 360 and try your advice

Now, I do own a SheetCam scrip. I don’t cut out fancy signs. But I have cut 1000’s of parts on this table and have never used it one time. Just my two cent but, learn fusion 360 and start making things.
I am aware that SheetCam is excellent for intricate signs.

If you’re having issues AND using SheetCam, then zip up your .JOB file and post it here. Then we’ll know ALL your settings.

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here is what I tried to download for an experiment. However fire share is down…I did cut half of a picture file just to get my plasma speed right in which i did. got the speed at 30 and pierce rate at 50

That looks like a pretty complex first cut. Start simple and work your way up. Get some little wins to get some confidence.