Not sure what happened to my second sketch

I am currently designing a part and I have 2 sketches. I have been saving often. While working I hit a good stopping point > saved > closed Fusion 360.

When re-opening Fusion 360 I couldn’t find my second sketch. Finally I noticed some icons in the bottom left corner that I selected and now I can see my second sketch, but not in a normal way. I have never seen the way it is displaying and I am hoping all of my work is not lost. Any thoughts?

Here is a video showing the issue:

I see this was 6 days ago and hopefully solved by now, but for anyone experiencing a similar problem I’ll attempt to help.

the icons in the bottom left corner that you were talking about are in your time line, they are placed there as you create in chronological order. you can rewind to an earlier point in time and you can also move them after they are created to a different location in time. the items in your timeline can be right clicked on and you can edit each feature. right click, edit sketch, top right corner finish sketch. As far as it the way it is looking, it looks like the whole sketch is already selected, not exactly sure on that one.

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