Not getting any help from Langmuir anybody help me?

All day trying to get support from Langmuir but nothing- crazy how helpful they are before they get your money.

trying to hook up miller spectrum 875 anybody wire one of these to the xr? I left schematic on how I “think “ it goes but not sure

Being at Easter Monday it’s traditional for a lot of businesses to be close or partially staffed.

You’ll need to hook at least one wire up to the opposite side of the circuit for that function.

To hook something like this but definitely at your own risk


what you have looks good other than your “clamp” pretty sure if you hook it up like you have it shown you’ll not complete the circuit.

I’m not good enough to find your grounding clamp on this but I would tap into that wherever it is hooked into the system.

It’s normally labeled “work” in these diagrams.

And in almost all manuals except the most consumer-centric products it’ll be labeled the “work clamp” because technically it’s not a ground.

They did kind of show it in a confusing weird way on this diagram by both having the torch and the clamp listed under the same box “torch/clamp”. If you look to the right of the red circle in the diagram you’ll see a tiny little icon that actually looks like a work clamp.


Nice! :slight_smile: I love to learn new things. Thanks @TinWhisperer

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