Not cutting all the way thru

So I’m trying to cut out some sunflowers. I cut two that cut perfectly but had errors in the code with lead in/out on the wrong side. I fixed the code and recut. The next one left places not fully cut thru. I slowed it down 10% and it didn’t really get much better. Cutting 18ga at 45a and 150 iPM. Crossfire pro thc and razor cut 45. I only have a motor guard filter so maybe air? Or consumables. 60ga compressor 3hp single stage. I’ll try to add pictures next.

Uncut parts

Also some feedback on settings to get this next part right. (Using fusion 360) even if I don’t really like it yet.

Electrode is firing off center it needs replaced, cutting tip is shot needs replaced also. Air pressure may be a little low, you need 70 to 75psi flow from the plasma cutter.

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My first guess was air pressure, but @mechanic416 is the guru! :beers: :rofl:

I don’t know about that. :rofl: Just an old guy that know a little about plasma cutters.

Thanks mechanic. I’ve ordered those items from your store. I guess I’ll have to work on my air system as I don’t think I’ve cut enough stuff to wear them out.

I know that the answers to this are going to vary but I’m asking anyways.
My pierce count is 220 and my torch on time is 20 minutes. We’re does that fall for consumable life. Also I inspected the cartridge in my motor guard filter and it looks and feels like new. ? Any ideas?

If I could answer that question, I would be a guru :rofl:

Once you get the air dryer the consumables will last longer.

220 sounds pretty good, if all you have is a Motorguard. I was getting around 400-500 with a 50ft. copper manifold, dessicant dryer and Motorguard.

I am getting much better life out of the current set, since I installed a transmission cooler between the compressor pump and the tank. I have a water separator between the cooler output and the tank and that thing takes out a crazy amount of water. If I could do it again, I would skip the big copper manifold and just go with the cooler between the pump and the tank, with the water separator between the cooler and the tank.


By the looks of the condition of that nozzle.
With the whole surface being expalled. pretty certain water vapor is that work here.

The description of your air system, sounds inadequate.

The winter has given everyone a little bit of Grace considering the amount of water vapor in the air was significantly reduced over the last few months.

How much piping do you actually have between your compressor and your motor guard?

When you have dry air your consumables will last much longer. The wet air is a gamble, it could wreck your tip on the first few pierces.

And the first few cuts in a day might be okay but after that you’re at full saturation again and going to be cutting poorly.

You can also see the discoloration on that nozzle which means stuff is getting very hot which also has a lot to do with the expansion of water vapor within nozzle.

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So air compressor is in the half bathroom on the other side of the shop. Piping is 1” galvanized pipe so @45’ between the compressor and the motor guard filter. You are right the winter air is much better than the summer air. Also I’m in Florida so I the summer I’m pretty sure you can drink the air the humidity gets so high.

do you have a drip tee before the motorGuard?

you’ll likely need aftercooler, refrigerated air dryer and a desiccant cell to maintain air quality.

If there is a local autobody/paint shop near you, pay them a visit to discuss their air system. Their requirements are as strict as yours so you should be able to glean some good information from them.

It may be a little money up front but it will save you in consumables and down time .

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All good information. I have a common line in the ceiling. Each “drop” is actually turned up to prevent running water going down the drop. The line extends past a tee to a drain and the motor guard in on the tee. I was actually thinking about putting a dehumidifier in the room with the air compressor? Not sure if that would be helpful or not. The room is almost sealed up too well. But does have an exhaust fan by code. I’d love to add all the things you suggested and in the end I may have to. But it’s a significant chunk of additional money for my already expensive toy.

but your toy will operate like a piece of sh*t if you do not. Wasting both your time and money

you are talking about a massive volume of air going into that compressor and a plug in dehumidifier will have to be massive to keep up with that load. not realistic.

I would open the door and turn on the exhaust fan when running your compressor. the exhaust to to expel heat generated by the compressor and the door open to let air in to be compressed.