Not cutting all the way through on some parts

So just did my first cut. Cut perfect. Needed to make part of it bigger. So went back into fusion. Edited it. Etc cut it again and cut again perfect. Went to cut the same part again and it didn’t cut completely on one of the edges. So thinking it might of been a error. Tried again and it’s doing the same. I’m new to the program and using plasma cutters so any advice?

Im pretty new myself at it all. You said it didnt cut complety on one edge. Does that mean it didnt finish the cut or it cut part way through it?

It completed the cut, but two spots it was not cut through the metal

When mine done that i slowed the table down. And another i turned cutter amps up. To fast or to low of cutter amps both did that to me. Depends on what your cutter amps are set to. And the speed your trying to cut at. Adjust Wich ever you think it is. If your blowing alot of sparks up while cutting I would slow table down.

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Trying to post pictures but no luck, I didn’t have a issue with the first two cuts but the next three had issues and in the same spot. Got it turned down lower then what plasma is recommending

I usually have my plasma on 30 amps and adjust speed for thickness of metal

here is the back side. first two parts I cut I didn’t have a issue, settings didn’t change and amps is at 30 on mine also

Wow them are some nasty lookin cuts. whats your torch height set to?

Torch height is set to the smaller shim provided of the two

you running out of air? Or the torch height is getting too high at that point or worn consumables

Maybe your ground clamp connection

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First you need dry air to use plasma the slightest bit of mosture will rapidly degrade your torch parts. So by the third cut your torch parts were toast. What is the thickness, amps, and speed your cutting at. From what i see you may be moving too slow not sure. Cutting metal makes a distinct sound when everything it set right. Kinda sounds like a broken baloon end when you blow through it. And that’s when your cutting dry table not wet.

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Cutting 3/16 at 30 amps doing 60ipm. Might sound right on the moisture. I don’t have a air drier for it. And I have 120 psi on my air tank

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It looks a lot like the cut speed is a bit too fast (judging from some of the pics of cut speed testing people have done).

I am also having a few problems replicating the same cut with the same quality (have tried new consumables etc). I am wondering if the electrode etc in the torch get hot over time and this reduces performance? I’m sure industrial torches are probably water cooled. When you get all excited with these things and just keep cutting the same shape over and over it’s easy to rack up quite a bit of “cut” time. This is precisely when I start to see shapes not cutting properly. ?? I don’t know - just a thought and interested if anyone can confirm/deny.


Yeah your cutting too fast acording to the chart on this site 3/16" with 45amp cuts at 35 ipm. I have been running plasma cnc for about 30 years but that’s industrial setup. Nothing like this, this is going to be different for me when im use to running 3/16" at 180ipm 200 amps.

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I seen someone on here make his own dryer with copper tubing worth a try. Remember all air compressors make water. Air gets pumped in hot and as you use it it cools down creating condensation.

I also had the same problem with mine tonight…I just have replaced all the consumables on the torch. I had cut 2 batman shapes and decided to nest 8 of them on one run… it cut cut fine, then #3 skipped a few spots, #4 cut half the shape & then went in straight line, # 5 cut a little better but still cut off one of the wings, #7 samething happened and it didnt even attempt #8??? Anyone have a guess whats happening?..My speed is 30ipm cutting 10ga. at 45amps and 90psi

Try knocking the rust and melted metal off of the tops of the slat bed with an angle grinder or flap disk. You may be loosing your ground connection.

Just a thought. I wonder if the duty cycle is being hit. I don’t know how plasma cutters react when they are over used. My Hypertherm shuts off and has a light indicating over temp. I wonder if other machines just lose power efficiency?

So turns out it was my water separator wasn’t working properly, replaced and working perfect

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