North east Arkansas

I bought a crossfire pro and hypertherm 45xp two weeks ago. Still have a week probably before my table ships. Does anyone within driving distance have a setup I could come check out before I get mine in and start trying to get it fixed up? Maybe watch it run a part?

Don’t go by looking at another table to setup your new CFP follow the languor directions to a T and it’s not hard. Just take your time and don’t rush it.

There is a bit to the cutting parts side of it. Go to the Langmuir website and go to support and watch all the workflow videos they posted. It’s not as simple as going and watching someone run a couple cuts on their system but once you get a hang of it then it’s second nature well at least close lol.

There is tons of good videos on YouTube
After watching the videos you can chose what cad/cam software you want to use and get it downloaded and start playing with it

Good luck


how far would that be? :rofl:

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You have some real experts on setup if you get stuck on this forum. Just post pics and question and I’m sure you’ll get multiple responses within a few hours.


Never know with these arkansas roads lol. Might can go across state or might lose a ball joint in a mile

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As mentioned, absolutely unnecessary to have to check out another table.

I never did CNC or CAD before getting mine, was up and running/cutting/drawing next day.

It ain’t hard, just don’t skip instructions, and don’t rush the assembly; make sure your shit is square.