Nor Cal new guy

Assembling my CF pro. Taking my time to get it correctly done. I need the machine like i need a hole in my head! I will be using it for fun projects. I have already used the forum to hook up my Hypertherm promax 45 to raw voltage.


welcome to the group.
take your time during assembly…

  • make sure the black frame is really…really square and level and solid before moving on to any other steps
  • leave the bearings almost loose until you run the table …most people overtighten them
  • pay close attention to the difference in parts…some look the same but are not

reach out to use if you have problems
one thing to remember if you have problems provide as much information about your system…from air to table…and pictures if you can…they really help use help you.


Welcome to the group!!

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Thanks yall for the warm welcome. I have everything ready to power up, got my Hypertherm wired today. Will finish wire management after i do the break in which will be in a couple of days.