Noob from Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Hello everyone, great site you guys have here!!!
Well I have 5 to 7 weeks to gain the knowledge that l will need for my CrossFire PRO with THC module before it arrives. I already have a plasma cutter, Everlast 60S.
If anyone has links to threads that will help a 50 year old noob like me setup theses 2 machine together would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again to everyone that replies to this post.
I have been watching YouTube video, if you have any video that helped you please post the Link to them too please. Thanks again.

Welcome to the forum, youngster!

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Hey kimball! Your in the right place for help! As of right now I’m no help! Still learning!:+1: :joy:

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Nice to have more representation from above the border :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Welcome!! Lots of good information and knowledgable folks on here to assist. Definitely pays to immerse yourself in any youtube videos and threads here that you can find before getting started.

FYI there may be some frustration involved :rofl:


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I know (or knew) Vernon well. Lots of pretty girls! I lived in Castlegar from 1980 to 1986, then Victoria for university and early married life from 1987 to 1999. I was a X-C ski racer in HS so went there often to ski.

If someone as dumb as me can learn it, any well-educated Canuck will breeze through it like Pavel the Russian rocket to the blue line. Or Tiger Williams to a fist fight.

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welcome young man…that from a retired 55 year old…
I live on the other side of this wonderful country we have…I am in Ottawa…
just watch out for the duty and taxes when you get the table…it hurts a bit.

I run a Pro with THC and on a 62i Everlast…

you will see a lot of talk about the connection for divided voltage vs raw voltage on the Everlast units…save yourself some issues and tie into your raw voltage right inside the machine at the lugs where it leaves the front of the Everlast.

I did this and never had a problem with THC…

you can search and I have posted some pictures here somewhere