Noob from Nebraska

Hi. I’m a (semi) retired farmer from Nebraska. My son and I are equipping a hobby shop to spend some time together and with the grandkids. We have some machine tools–a Bridgeport and Clausing lathe. Out of our league, but having fun learning. I’m looking into a Crossfire Pro. Delighted with the comments about customer service.

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Welcome to the forum! If you’re going to be cutting up sheetmetal (or even replacing parts on your tractor) a CNC Plasma cutter is just the ticket!

It will certainly keep you from being bored and, if you don’t have any projects going, you can come here and have a laugh or two…

What part of the state are you from. We are 20 miles SE of Hastings Have about the same story as you. My dad and I had the pro it’s just leaving the shop today sold it. We just got the XR set up and are just getting ready for first cuts.

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Glad to see others from the state are in the forum. I have a small shop in Norfolk awaiting my XR. Look foward to seeing your projects.

Here was the last project with the pro. New sissor lift steps


usually at my expense…ahahahahahah…

Thanks to all who greeted me. Not sure how it all works. I responded within my emails, and it isn’t showing up here. For those who responded and told me about themselves and their projects, thank you–and particularly to you Huskers who made yourselves known! Our shop is west of Lincoln in Emerald. Give me an email or call and stop in for a cuppa if you’re coming thru.

Go Big Red, and happy plasma cutting! And Merry Christmas.


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