Non-weld joints what are they called

Hello, trying to design a barrel holder but i want to do without welding.
attached photo shows example of joints but i dont know what they are called or the easiest way to add to my project. I am using onshape to do my desings.
if anyone can shed a little light i’d be greatly appreciated.

Slot and tab style joint.

I normally just draw them in as I need Fusion 360 but there is a few apps also can do it too (sometimes I find the add on more trouble then manually drawing them)

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I just posted some yesterday on smaller scale design. you could download the DXF and scale them up and size for you metal thickness. Might help you have a start.

If you do it in fusion i’d be happy to look at your design before you cut it.

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Thanks guys

the one panel in this image has a skipped slot.

One of the hazards to watch out for I guess
Edit. I just looked at it further and it’s not a skip slot it’s just the way that particular fire pit tabs together.

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55 gal - draft v1.dxf (1.8 MB)

This would an idea also. you’ll have to adjust size of slots based off metal thickness and get the right 55gal drum half circle. this was no weld design taken from a firepit i just made few weeks ago. the two bottom pieces go through the bottom to give a little more strength but not sure you’ll even need them. i did this in few minutes for concept and alternative. Good luck and post whatever you make. fun to see projects


Ok so im trying to design my barrel in onshape.
but i believe it’s a 30 gallon barrel (bourbon)
I used it to age some beers in at my brewery now im turning the retired bbls into flower pots to grow hops out of.
i have single dxf files of the parts. give me a few and ill post them. but after thinking about it. if i dont weld these up some drunk @ss is going to cut there clothing on it. lol

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@DonP @TinWhisperer

when i have all the dxf files. done correctly i’ll upload but they will be in seperate files because they are all 2 big to put in one dxf file but ill try it. (some parts show lines they shouldn’t.

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Cool project! I’m out of town on business trip but I’ll have some time later to play around with fusion. You shouldn’t have any issues in fusion unless you have thousands of points in a design. You can have them in same drawing but when you go to manufacturing you’ll only select what you want ant to cut on one sheett size. Sorry I can’t add pictures. I’ll try later unless someone else does it today. If you have any issues or questions your in right place with lots of very helpful and knowledgeable people.

i suck with fusion but i can share the cad file on onshape.
pm me an email and ill share it with you.