No table yet, but soon

Going to purchase a table, most likely the 4x8 model after the first of the year. I own and operated a short run machine and medium to heavy fabrication shop with 2 employees including myself and we do a ton of welding in exotic metals with TIG as well.

My main impetus for buying a table is, the excessive lead times I experience when sub contracting parts I need either plasma cut or water jet cut as well as the lost profit when I can do 95% of that in house with an owned table.

It will be mostly for parts pertaining to the business and very little if anything else. and eliminating the excessive lead times we experience will expedite shop projects

welcome post your work when you get up and running

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Couple suggestions -

  1. Buy hypertherm plasma cutter. Model will depend on thickness of metal.

  2. Start learning a CAD program.


I see you did make up a new topic. Good for you. I answered your question about the recommendation for which table would be more mobile.

Obviously, you can disregard the part of that message telling you how to start a new topic. But you might edit your first response in this topic to make that statement of asking for suggestions for which table is more portable.

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