No spark , XR , cut 60 .. is the live voltage correct?

Issue with torch not firing … last time air pressure was too low so turned up past book setting and it worked … now I can hear the plasma relay kick on but no spark… THC Moves up and down etc , machine goes through the motion but not cutting …

Can you post a video of the issue occuring?

How about the ‘warning’ message you get on your computer screen?

I always advise people to take a screenshot of their computer, not a phone picture as 99% of people aren’t displaying 99% of the remaining information we’d like to see.

There’s a difference between Z-axis motion (manually controlling it) versus THC moving. THC would mean you’re actively cutting and your voltage input module is monitoring voltage and adjusting Z-axis in order to maintain your programmed cut height.

THC has nothing to do with the torch pilot arcing. A torch will pilot arc in mid air as long as it has the correct air setting, correct good consumables and torch is correctly seated to the plasma cutter.

Torch not cutting can be caused by THC as it could be to far from the metal or the work clamp/positive is not connected to the metal to complete the circuit. Also bad consumables can cause cutting issues.

As far as voltage readings that will all depend on how you have the plasma cutter to the controller wired through the CNC port or raw voltage.


@mechanic416 I though for sure you were going to post the picture showing where not to mount the torch body with your responds.

…change the consumables and check to make sure the electrode still has a plunger motion…in and out…
next to check is the torch on/off plug on the Langmuir box…unplug iut and plug it back in…


No need to do that as most of the time they don’t lesson anyway as they know more then the torch manufactures.

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Wouldn’t let me load the video for some reason but this the warning it sent… it’s saying the torch was stopped mid cut but it never starts … is there a reset needs to be done perhaps?

Still has plunger motion , consumables are new

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It was working not long ago . It’s not hard wired , I’ve got it set on the pins in the back of the cut 60