No signal to screen. (SOLVED)

Hello all! I purchased my XR in early spring and due to certain circumstances I’m just now assembling it. I have completed all necessary steps to power it on and test the computer. When I went to turn on the provided touch screen and control box the touch screen illuminated Langmuirs logo then went directly to a “no signal”sign and then to black. I followed all the proper steps to my knowledge and have all the wiring for said components in their proper places(again to my knowledge) any help on this would be greatly appreciated so I can start to test all the jogging and limit switches. Thanks.

Welcome to the forum. I moved your post to the XR category where it will get more eyes. You have a direct support line with the XR, but @langmuir-cameron can fill you in on that.


Did you turn on minicomputer, it powers up separate from monitor. Has a little red push button below the HDMI cable plug.

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Yes I did! Talked to tech support and they are sending me a new one due to a fault in it

Did the new one fix your problem? I am struggling now with the same issue