No RnR motion control available to select (no movement)

I’m not sure what the problem is, the only thing I haven’t done is break out the multi-tester.
-installed all downloads off of langmuir website
-installed windows-10 patch (It seemed that I needed this with a newer lenovo)
-restarted mach3 after {del device} complete

The motors are on/have the hum noise but no movement
All the LED’s that are supposed to be on are on
checked all connections for a secure fit
power switch to 110v
The laptop shows movement and the G-code runs fine, but nothing is happening.
Is there anything else I should try?

Can you post a screenshot of your Mach3 screen when you fire it up?

The rnr select window doesn’t come up when plugged in and the laptop is powered on

Can you take a screenshot of the Mach3 Plugin Folder?

Also take a look at this troubleshooting guide: CrossFire Not Jogging - Troubleshooting Guide

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I figured out the motion control file was posted in the wrong file. After fixing this mach 3 allowed me to select the rnr option. I hit the reset button it said that no motion card could be found.

Just want to confirm that you had the USB cable installed when hitting reset. Typically you’ll get ‘RNR not found’ error if the USB cable is not attached.

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The cable was plugged in. I tried turning on the box before and after plugging the cable in.

Just to confirm, when you plug the USB cable into the electronics box, you get a red flashing LED on the motion control board?

Yes, there was a red flashing on the panel where the USB plugs in

@jmcintyre3393 With all your plugins installed correctly and your computer volume up, do you hear the sound from windows when you unplug and plug in your USB cord to indicate that a USB device has been recognized?

I do it makes the “da doo” noise haha

Ok thanks that’s good news.

It looks like you have your CrossFire Mach Profile and CrossFire Plugin file in the correction locations. Mach3 software can sometimes be finnicky when it comes to setting up and customers usually have success by uninstalling Mach3/deleting all traces of it and reinstalling a fresh copy. What most likely happened is that since you opened Mach3 first without having the RNR motion control card plugin in the correct folder it’s gotten out of sync. We suggest that you please follow the steps below to completely remove Mach3 from you computer before re-installing.

1.) In the bottom left corner of windows click the search icon and type ‘add’ until you see the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ Dialogue come up. Scroll down the list and find Mach3. Click on it and select ‘Uninstall’. Follow the prompts to successfully uninstall the program.

2.) Next we wan to make sure that all the files and plugins were successfully removed from the computer. Go into the file browser and click on OS (C:). You should see files such as Apps, Drivers, PerfLogs, etc. Make sure that there is no ‘Mach3’ Folder. If there is, right click this folder and Delete it.

3.) Re-install Mach3 and move the CrossFire Mach Profile and CrossFire Plugin file into the correction locations as before.

4.) Open Mach3 Loader, select the CrossFire plugin and see if this fixes the issue. If not, we suggest that if you can, find another computer that you can download Mach3 on and see if that works. Although rare, sometimes the computer is the culprit so we’d like to rule this out completely if we can.


I completed these steps and successfully got the motors to jog and run a program. Thank you for the help. I did notice that the x axis motor seemed to be straining. Is this normal?

Is it binding on the lead screw nut? The screw needs to be relatively centered in the bracket and not binding. Did you oil the screw with some light oil (like 3-in-1)?

I did and readjusted the lead screw nut. Seems to help some. Everything is square. I will post an update after seeing if the machine will fire. I converted a cpc cable from torchmate to hypertherm configuration. I’ll post pics of the wiring configuration (in theory it should work) for other people wanting to do the same thing.