No response form table

I have an older crossfire table with the XL kit. I ordered the THC upgrade with new electronics for fire control etc. I installed everything Friday at the end of the day then ran break in program and made sure all axis moved like they should etc. but didn’t have time to cut anything. Just started to make the first cuts with it tonight and I get no response from the table. If I jog run a cut file turn torch on etc. it appears to be working in Fire Control software shows torch moving etc. but nothing happens on table. Any ideas what could be going?

Just opened the box and checked only getting 8 volts out of the power supply not sure what it is supposed to be. If I unplugged the motor drivers I get 24 voltage drops as soon as I plug in any motor driver.

Got it fixed the power supply was bad luckily I was able to steal the power supply out of my old control boxes. It seems to be working now but will have to wait till tomorrow to do some cutting.